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Welcome! We're glad that you stopped to visit us and we hope that as a result of your visit, you would draw closer to God. Perhaps you came here to check out some of the "Digging Deeper" articles and links. Or, perhaps you came here simply to find out about Martureo.Org.

But let's get back to that idea of drawing closer to God. When you think about it, people will generally fall into one of several categories. Some people don't want to draw closer to God … they simply figure they'll live their life as they please, doing whatever they please, and will have a whale of a party afterwards in hell (if there is such a place)! Some people would like to be able to draw closer to God but figure that they are so "bad" that it's simply a lost cause … they simply can't imagine that it could ever happen to them! Some people truly want to draw closer to God and are trying their best to figure out just what that means … and how to accomplish it!

When you lay out all these possibilities, it seems that we people have an awful lot to say about this subject … and it's also clear that God has something to say about it, too! Clearly, not each and every thing that we people might come up with is necessarily true … we may believe something is true when it's not! Looking at this another way, let's take all of the possibilities and separate them into two "piles"

  • possibilities that God accepts (call this "God's Way");
  • possibilities that God rejects (call this "Man's Way").

Hopefully, therefore, it's logical to conclude that approaching things God's Way will bring us closer to God while approaching thing Man's Way will not (even though someone might sincerely believe they're following God's Way but are actually mistaken).

Let's personalize this. Think about where you stand on the subject of "drawing closer to God." Think deeply, for this is important stuff … your life and your eternity may rest on this!

And now it's time to pose the big question: If you think you're following God's way but you're actually mistaken, would you want to be told the truth?